Bovine’s Red is the New Green Holiday Show


Red is the New Green Holiday Show at the Bovine

There is an annual tradition of comedy in Denver that can’t be missed… the Bovine Metropolis Holiday Show.

And it is Hilarious!!! If you live in Denver and love comedy this is a show not to be missed.

Enjoy the Bovine Metropolis’ 38th Original Sketch Comedy!

Who came up with the first Christmas tree? What do ambulance chasing attorneys do for the Holidays? What does an HOA approved Christmas look like?

“Red is the New Green” explores these scenarios and many more in over 20 original sketches and musical numbers that offer a comic, relatable take on holiday happenings, real and imagined. This fast-paced, sketch show is a lot like Saturday Night Live in that it is not improv, but written and rehearsed material. You get to see a multitude of situations, familiar and abstract, that will make you crack up laughing.

“Red is the New Green” is a celebration of common holiday themes, like family gatherings, quirky traditions and the highs and lows of the season. “Red is the New Green” is a holiday extravaganza filled with music, comedy and a healthy dose of awkwardness and isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

Get tickets at BovineMetropolis.com!

Friday, November 28
Saturday, November 29
Thursday, December 4
Friday, December 5
Saturday, December 6
Thursday, December 11
Friday, December 12

Saturday, December 13
Thursday, December 18
Friday, December 19
Saturday, December 20
Sunday, December 21 (show is at 4:00)
Monday, December 22
Tuesday, December 22

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