SUP Guide for Paddle Board Lovers in Denver

Paddle Boarding Overtakes Denver

Sure, we know that Denver is famous for our ski and snowboarding backyard.   But more than ever a new sport is winning the hearts of Denver Residents.  That sport is Paddle Boarding.

It doesn’t take much to understand why.  With 300+ days of sunshine and a huge number of local and mountain lakes, streams, and rivers to choose from Paddle Boarding is a sport on the water that offers a great workout and beautiful views.  Even though many think of Paddle Boarding as an ocean lifestyle activity, our calm lake waters can make for the perfect water outing.

There’s even a huge group of folks who enjoy SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) Yoga.  If you thought your core got a workout doing regular Yoga just try and add balancing on water to the equation.

Add one more reason to the lengthy reason why Denver is an amazing place to live.

Here is our Stand Up Paddle Boarding Quick Start Guide.  Enjoy

SUP Meetups / Groups

Companies for Paddle Boarding in Colorado

Places to Paddle Board from Denver

Did we miss one, let us know in the comments what your favorite spot is.

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  1. Great article on Denver’s SUP scene. Including links to meetups and groups was a really good idea…

    I actually just finished up a 50-page Colorado paddling guide, Denver is covered as well as some other fun SUP spots in the state. Here’s the link, I think it would make a nice add-on resource to your great article on Denver’s scene:


    Keep up the great work, and happy paddling.

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