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moving to DenverMoving can be stressful. But, rest assured, if you are moving to or within Denver, you are in good company. The Denver Office of Economic Development reports that Denver’s population growth has outpaced the rest of the United States since the 1930s! By 2030, it is estimated that 3.9 million people will call the Mile High city, “home.” Denver is a great place to live and with a little preparation your move can be less stressful and the start of a great adventure

Before You Move Find the Right Place

There are many things you can do to make your move to or within Denver a little less anxiety-provoking. Finding an environment that fosters happiness is vital. Denver boasts quite a few completely unique neighborhoods. The rolling hills and lush green fields of Washington Park stands in stark contrast to the cutting-edged, ultra-urban appearance of the up-and-coming Golden Triangle. Before you, a homebody, move into the ever-bustling LoDo Area, do your research. Even adjacent neighborhoods can have completely different “personalities.”

Pack for Success

Labeling makes Packing and Unpacking EasierOnce you’ve located your ideal neighborhood and signed the mortgage agreement, now you’re ready for the dreaded packing. There are some easy ways to make packing more streamlined and efficient. Color-coding boxes can go a long way to make the unpacking as smooth as the packing. Give each room a color. U-Haul even has colored packing tape with the names of the rooms in large, block black letters or you can buy colored duct tape at a building supply shop or hobby store. Remember when labeling boxes to label them on the SIDES, not the top. If you, a mover, or a friend you’ve conned into helping you move with the promise of beer and pizza is stacking small boxes, you will not be able o read anything written on the top of them. Label them on two adjacent sides, so that if that if one side is blocked by the dolly, you can still figure which room that box belongs to.

Keep Your Dishes and Art Safe

Preventing damage is vitally important. If you are responsible for packing your own items, there are some small steps that you can take to lower the possibility of broken dishes and destroyed art. When packing plates, do not put them in the box horizontally, as if eating off of them. You will want to lay them on their edges, like loading the dish washer. This increases their tensile strength and minimizes cracking. Framed art is the same way. Load them, not on their backs, but on their sides, as if they are still hanging on your wall. When dealing with multiple frames, place them back to back and front to front. NEVER arrange them back to front. Should you spend $20 on fancy frame packs? No. An over sized T-shirt both protects your art and minimizes how many clothing boxes you load on the truck!

Furniture is Heavy

There is very little that can be done to make the furniture itself lighter. A tip is to keep your clothing in the drawers of you dresser or chest of drawers. The drawers are stronger within the frame and the frame is stronger with the clothing in it. Move the furniture without the drawers into the truck. Purchase shrink-wrap and wrap the dresser once it is in the truck so the drawers don’t slide out during the trip. If you are using a moving service do not put fragile item or liquids in the dresser prior to moving. Moving large mattresses can be unwieldy and a mattress strap is well worth the money. It can allow two average-sized adults make quick work of a king sized mattress and box springs.

Unpack Me First

Last but not least, don’t forget the “unpack me first” box. This box will either be the last to be loaded onto the truck or will ride with you. It includes: light bulbs, remotes, toilet paper, coffee pot and coffee, keys, one or two extension cords, aspirin or ibuprofen and any other crucial medication. Clearly mark it “unpack me first,” so that if you are too exhausted to unload the truck or the boxes when you arrive at your fantastic new Denver home, you can still turn on the light, use the restroom and have a cup of coffee in the morning.

Enjoy Your New Home

Moving will always have some stress involved, but, if steps are taken to streamline the process, you can more quickly get out and explore Denver. Taking time to prepare ahead of time, proper labeling and packing correctly will make unpacking easier and faster. This will give you the opportunity to explore your new neighborhood rather than catching glimpses from in between boxes. The sooner you interact with your neighborhood, the sooner you, too, will call the Mile High City “home.”

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