DU Something Funny

DU Something Funny

Our friend Mike from Urban Brain Entertainment contacted us to rave about students in his current class at the University of Denver. Mike is a local comedy writer who has scribed and performed for a number of Comedy Sketch Revue shows here in Denver after studying with the Second City in both Los Angeles and Chicago. His love of comedy and sharing laughter has brought him to the University of Denver where he is teaching a new class he developed focused on writing Sketch Comedy. I don’t know about you but if this class was available when I was in school it would have been first on my list.

Mike let us know that his students, who study everything from how to create a strong comedy character such as all your favorites from Saturday Night Live to how to create a Musical Parody have taken their love of funny to create their own student (not University) comedy channel at DU Something Funny.

Mike shared with Denver Urban about a zillion adjectives describing how amazing these future stars are including “talented”, “authentic”, “dedicated”, “funny”, and on and on. Some students are seeking a future in Theater, some in film, some as writers, some as filmmakers, some are just doing this for the love of comedy. Mike shared with us that the channel they are creating is an example of their initiative and enthusiasm.

He said to watch DU Something Funny. We will. Good luck students.

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