Denver’s Next Improv Star – Pam Terpenny

They wrote their own 2 minute bit to promote their quest to be Denver’s Next Improv Star and, because we love comedy and the arts in Denver, we donated the gear, filming, and editing.  They were their own directors, we just did the grunt work.  This video comes to you from Pam Terpenny and you can learn more about tickets to see Denver’s Next Improv Star at the Bovine Metropolis here.

Here are the details from their website…

The funniest reality improv competition in Colorado is back for a fourth season! Reality is stranger than fiction, and reality theater is way funnier than reality television. “Denver’s Next Improv Star” is a premiere competition at Denver’s premiere improvisational theater.

Season 4 of “Denver’s Next Improv Star” will pit 13 improv players against each other to find out who is the funniest and best improviser. The audience and players never know what to expect! Contestants will be put through a variety of short form and long form improv games and situations. Each week, prizes will be awarded and players will be eliminated, until finally we find out who is Denver’s Next Improv Star!

The contest itself will be heated, everything is in real time, unlike the editing and altering afforded by reality television before air time. Players do it instantly, and in front of a live audience.

Two judges and one guest judge will decide who wins and who goes home each week. There will also be one night when the audience gets to vote their choice.

The winner for each week’s show will win a prize while the overall winner of Season 4 (aka Denver’s Next Improv Star) will win the Grand Prize.

The Bovine Metropolis is located in the heart of Denver’s Theater District in Central Downtown just steps from SPIRE and the 16th Street Mall.

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