Downtown Denver – King Soopers is only the Beginning!

By now you have heard the buzz. King Soopers has opened a new store at 20th Street and Chestnut Place. For years we’ve been talking about a suburban exodus to the bustling downtown Denver and its beginning to happen at full force. The addition of a major grocery store downtown gives residents the ability to live and shop downtown at their convenience. But this is only the beginning.

Commitment to the Future of Denver

The opening of King Soopers downtown is evidence of the commitment businesses and large corporations have in the Denver’s urban core. They have recognized the growth and are now investing in the future of LoDo and other downtown areas. For the first time the downtown is starting to have all the amenities of the suburbs and residential sales are booming. In fact, Whole Foods is planning on opening a store in 2017 at Wewatta and 17th.

Meeting the Needs of Downtown Denver

One of the most common objections to living downtown has been the lack of large super markets and other residential services. The rise of convenience stores, specialty markets, restaurants, and the addition of large chains are providing the resources needed to live and shop downtown. Loft and condo owners now have the best of both worlds, easy access to all forms of entertainment and the luxuries of suburban living.

A Family Place

While it may seem that this is an ideal environment for millennials and singles, the downtown is quickly becoming a haven for families that are seeking a better work life balance. Long commutes and bad traffic have lead many families to purchase condominiums or lofts and call the downtown metro home. The closeness to work results in more quality time with children and spouses and reduces stress.

The addition of the Downtown Denver Expeditionary School, which opened in 2013, was the first public elementary school in downtown Denver also brought quality elementary education to the area. As more families move into the area it will become more necessary for the school system to react and provide more opportunities for school aged children. The access to museums, cultural centers and diverse cultures make the downtown area a fantastic place to raise children.

Thinking of Making the Move?

Whether you are frustrated with the commute, tired of shoveling snow and mowing, or simply looking for a change the time to move downtown is now. The silhouettes of cranes in the skyline are proof that the residential migration is in full swing, and there are many great lofts and condos available. As demand grows so will the costs. We love the downtown area and know all the nooks and crannies. Give us a call today at 303-991-9878 or use our state-of-the-art homes search (on this page) to help you find your perfect new home downtown.

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