How to Bring Color into Your Home

If I had a nickel for every discussion of paint color I’ve been pulled into during my years selling real estate I would own my own island in the Caribbean. Seriously, it is amazing how this topic can create dissension and sometimes family mutiny. However, I have found it doesn’t have to be this way. The most successful couples and families focus on how they want the room to “feel” rather than exact color of paint and this leads to group consensus and happy dinners.

Color is Emotional

There have been thousands of studies that address how different colors affect our moods, buying habits and emotions. Advertising agencies, restaurants and retail stores use this information to get you to buy more, eat faster and even stay in the store longer. There is no doubt that the color of the rooms in our homes will have an effect. Watch this cool video by PBS for more insight on this:

Start with How You Want to Feel

The first step is to decide how you want the room to feel. If you want a calm and relaxing atmosphere consider shades of blue which have been shown to slow metabolism and bring a sense of tranquility. In addition it tends to decrease appetite so it might be a great choice in rooms where snacking is an issue. If you have a room that always seems cold, try painting a wall bright orange. This wonderful vibrant color makes the mind think warmth and will make you feel better even if the temperature doesn’t change.


It will always be easier to decide the atmosphere you want or need in a room and then choose shades and hues that reinforce those feelings. In addition, you can also use accents to create excitement in a room. Add red and bright yellow accents, pillows and paintings to bring a little power and energy. Use darker shades of brown and earth tones to create the feeling of nature and relaxation. Sports rooms always look great in the color schemes of Denver’s professional teams.

Be Yourself

My last piece of advice is to spend less time thumbing through magazines and watching shows about celebrity homes and put the focus on who you are. You will spend the most time in your home than anyone you know, so make it right for you. Decide how you want each room to feel and then find the shades that enhance that feeling. Once you know the colors then you can pick up the magazines or talk to friends to get ideas. For a great resource on the emotional impact of many different colors, check out this site. Have fun and make your world a colorful one. And if you need help finding your dream home, and want a real estate agent that understands color, come talk to us!


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