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Moving into a New Home Heals the Heart

It’s a new year, and for many that means a chance for new beginnings.  I’m not sure how your 2012 was but I know more than a few people who were looking forward to putting 2012 in the past and giving 2013 a big welcoming embrace.

Of course, I tend to spend time with those who have an incredible attitude, and that makes life wonderful.

Life, as you well know, gives out it’s share of good and bad.  Relationships may end, life may throw a curve ball, and people decide they need change.  This historical advice given in these tough times has been “don’t make any big changes right away”.  I’m not sure I agree with this philosophy, at least not entirely.  I follow more of the theory Winson Churchill coined of “If you find yourself going through hell, keep going”.  I mean, if you aren’t happy with something in your life then you sure as heck should change it.

Yesterday’s New York Times article “Relocation Therapy” addressed this issue heads on looking at the benefit of changing your address as part of the recovery process.  The main focus of the article was on the end of a personal relationship and how where you live is entrenched with those memories and patterns.  Painful breakups, the death of a spouse, even the loss of a beloved pet, are all things that the article digs into.

It’s a very interesting theory, and one I tend to agree with.

After working with hundreds of clients who found their dream home in the Downtown Denver condo and Downtown Denver home area I can tell you that a large percentage were seeking, and found, a fresh start with their new homes.  Downtown locations such as Glass House, Riverfront Park, SPIRE and LoHi have provided wonderful fresh starts for those who wanted a change.

The Downtown lifestyle is perfect for a fresh start.  I know years ago when I was going through a particularly rough time that included the loss of a parent, end of a relationship, and more (quite the year) there was something therapeutic about moving into my new Urban loft.  It started with painting blank walls with colors I picked out and moved into selecting new furniture that reflected my personality and style.  The dining room table and the new set of pans was purchased with plans of connecting with friends for group dinners and filling my new home with fresh memories and laughter.  Living in a downtown high rise created an immediate sense of community and I met neighbors, created new friendships, and enjoyed walking out my front door with the city of Denver as my playground.  I tried new activities, explored my creative side, and did what would have been much more difficult to accomplish living in a suburb far from all that Downtown Denver has to offer.

I still love living downtown, and the many clients I have worked with share the same feedback.   Denver just keeps getting better every day and for its residents, that means a life full of options and ways to keep yourself growing and learning.

Of course the move to downtown can be for any reason  or life change.  Another big audience for downtown residences includes the growing empty nester and retirees audiences.  With more time on their hands, no kids in the house, and a drive to enjoy life the Downtown lifestyle called to them.  It is such a treat when I’m walking downtown and run into a previous client, out with a group of friends, as they share with me their plans for the night.  New restaurants, art exhibits, run clubs, and festivals are just a few steps away when you live downtown.

Whether you are looking to enrich your life or seeking a fresh start, the city of Denver is amazing for both.  I have to also say,  in agreement with the New York Times “Relocation Therapy” article, that sometimes a new chapter in life can benefit from a new address.

Here are a few recommendations of neighborhoods and buildings I love for their community…

  • Riverfront Park is  an amazing community and neighborhood.  Nestled between LoDo and LoHi Riverfront Park puts the best of Denver within footsteps. Pedestrian bridges in both directions allow you to explore the city and some of the best restaurants including Linger, LoLa, Zengo, Sushi Sasa, The Kitchen, and more within a mile.  With Commons Park as your backyard there are plenty of outdoor running and activity spaces.  Plus the Riverfront Park master HOA maintains a security team of off duty police officers.  It’s nice to feel safe. 
  • LoHi has been booming and the mix of great restaurants, pubs, and shops in this neighborhood make it a favorite.   The neighborhood offers a little something for everyone whether it’s a historic Denver Square home or a modern condominium or townhome.  It’s a neighborhood where it seems like everyone has a smile and a fond greeting for you.
  • Glass House, SPIRE, and ONE Lincoln are three buildings that offer their own community within the building.  With pools, fitness centers, media rooms, and lounge areas these buildings offer a way to enjoy downtown and have great amenities without walking out the door.

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