New King Soopers Grocery Store in Downtown Denver

New Grocery Store in Downtown Denver

There’s a new grocery store arriving in Downtown Denver and I think it is time for a very very happy dance.

For some time the rumor mill have been talking about a new grocery store in Denver.  There were rumors of a Whole Foods or Sunflower Market arriving in Riverfront Park or the new Union Station for years.  Sources say that parking, land cost, and other negotiation points didn’t allow a final deal to get done.  Even with density growing through such high rise projects as Glass House Denver and the boom of LoHI a grocery store still failed to make the leap and claim an address in the Riverfront Park area… until now.

The new 20th and Chestnut building being built with Nichols Partnership plans on a 42,000-square-foot grocery store and other ground-floor retail, with four floors above containing 312 Class A apartments.  The foot traffic and progress of the new Union Station neighborhood has created an ideal platform for the launch of a grocery store with King Sooper jumping in to provide the service.

This grocery store addition for downtown has been something local residents have been hoping to see for YEARS!  Although Vitamin Cottage at 15th and Platte provides some necessities and we are big fans of Tony’s Market and Marczyks 17th nothing can beat a full service grocery store within a short walk or bike ride.

I live in the area, and can say that without a doubt this is the most exciting development for my own lifestyle.  As much as we love all the great restaurants around us (especially in LoHi) we still love to cook and would do it more if we could walk a few blocks for fresh produce, fish, meats.  I live a car optional lifestyle and if I can avoid driving and parking that suits me just fine.

The only bad news is the wait.  The new King Soopers in Downtown Denver Union Station is not planned to open until late 2014 or early 2015.  Dang, I was hoping to have the new Denver King Soopers available for this summers grilling season.  But no complains here, just an overwhelming joy to know a new Urban Grocery store is on the way.

For Riverfront Park, LoDo, LoHi, and the surrounding Denver neighborhoods this means another great step forward in the Downtown Denver lifestyle.  My friends in Manhattan love the local butcher, fresh seafood market, and vegetable stands in their neighborhood.  That a big store like King Soopers would come in and set up a store of this size speaks volumes about the growth of our Downtown and how many people are calling Downtown Denver home.  It’s a new wave of urban living and we are in the center of it.

Property values might just get a boost from the news, we will have to wait and see.  To learn more about the Denver Urban living trend, the new King Soopers in Downtown Denver, or local Denver lofts and condos visit these pages and make sure to visit us today.  Don’t forget our Denver Urban Facebook page shares the most popular listing every day… see the hottest listing and learn why.

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Now the question is… what is the NEXT thing you would like to see come to Downtown Denver?

UPDATE:  Read about the Possible New Whole Foods in Union Station

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