Denver’s Next Improv Star


For those who don’t know, one of our creative team members (Mike) writes, acts and does improv at the Bovine Metropolis following his creative pursuits at Second City in Chicago and Los Angeles.  His colleagues are competing in their next show “Denver’s Next Improv Star” and asked him if our team would sponsor a Video Shoot for their entry.  He said they are AWESOME comedic performers and the world deserves to see their talent.  If we do this… look for their videos on our YouTube channel and go vote and support them.

Mike loves comedy and has us persuaded to help out but we want to hear from you in support of us doing a video shoot donation for these talented comedic performers.  If you comment enough to tell us yes… we will do it!

Denver’s Next Improv Star is the ultimate comedy showcase of Denver and you certainly should not miss it.  It is a comedy performance version of the Hunger Games where the best Improv Performers in Denver are pitted against each other to find the ultimate funny performer.

The Irony…Improv Performers don’t work against each other but instead with each other.  It as about saying “Yes And” to their partner.   It is a beautiful thing.  So you are really evaluating the most friendly, comedic, and inspirational “Yes And” person in the world.  We way that because Denver is the center of the world.  You get to weigh in, the judges weigh in, and nobody dies (Because in the Hunger Games someone dies…who really wants that).  For those of you who love comedy just wait until you get to see random audience suggestions drive the competition for ultimate Improv master.

Denver’s top Improv Theater is located in the heart of the Theater District in Central Downtown Denver where local residents of SPIRE, the Four Seasons, and other downtown Denver condos get to enjoy a short walk for their comedy fix.  To learn more about why living downtown is so great please feel free to contact anyone at New Era Realty.




  1. Denver’s Next Improv Star is a fantastic show with some of the region’s most talent up-and-coming performers! Don’t miss it!

  2. Definitely support these guys. I have been over to the Bovine many times and I always leave with stomach cramps from laughing so hard! This is improv at it’s finest.

  3. Definitely support the Bovine! Amazing atmosphere and hilarious shows for less than the price of a movie and much more enjoyable.

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