5 Best Apps to Find Your Dream Home

Life On The Go

Home search AppsIn today’s society, we are constantly on the go. We prefer drive-through in the morning to get a cup of coffee, the twenty minute workout at lunch time and ordering our clothes off of a website that can have them delivered by the end of the day. We are all hard workers who have a hard time finding time during our days to do everything on our to-do list. This also is true when it comes to looking for a house. Millennials especially want to be able to look for houses during their day but may not have the time to go look every single day. As a realtor, I know it is hard to schedule house showings each day of the week and a lot of homeowners don’t have time to see a house every single day. But one good way to be able to look at new houses during your workday is by using the search feature on this page or by downloading an app that can help you find your dream house.

5 Best Apps for Homebuyers

  1. Zillow – Homebuyers and sellers are no strangers to Zillow and the app is also one for the books. It has the largest inventory of properties as well as a superior way or sorting listings by very specific criteria. Zillow offers ‘Zestimates’ which are very accurate and transaction histories for properties plus state-specific mortgage rates. When you don’t have time to browse Zillow on your computer, download it to your smartphone and have a look.
  2. Realtor.com – This app is great when you are in the neighborhood of your dreams and trying to locate houses in the area. The app uses your phone’s GPS chip to pinpoint your location and instantly see homes for sale in the area. The app also makes it easy to contact the listing agent of the property.
  3. CalcsFree – Prospective buyers will love this app because when you are in a house you are interested in, you can use CalcsFree to know how much your mortgage will be along with taxes and insurance payments.
  4. Trulia – Like Zillow, this app is a popular website as well when looking for a home. The app tells homebuyers everything from the local market info to median sale prices, details on area schools and crime rates on color-coded heat maps. Another great feature is the price reduction histories of different properties.
  5. Dwellr – This is the app to use when finding the perfect neighborhood. Not only is it back by the Census Bureau, this app uses information from the American Community Survey to produce data-rich neighborhood guides. It contains as many as 40 different topics including median age of residents, racial makeup, educational background and more.

Mobile-Friendly Search for the Greater Denver Area

Interactive Map SearchWhile you might find yourself using one the above apps, don’t forget about our awesome mobile-friendly search feature. In fact, it is even more convenient than an app as there is nothing to download or update.

You can receive automated home searches, favorite properties, email updates and much more. Search smarter with us and get property email alerts, price change alerts, all detailed property information and all the details you want on the neighborhood you are looking to move in. It’s helpful as well because you can ask agents’ questions on line if you don’t have time for a phone call, talk about convenient! When you do have time to go look at houses, make sure to give one of our highly trained agents at New Era a call and let us show you the house of your dreams.

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