29 Reasons You Should Not Move to Denver

We just wanted to share this post from The Denver City Page with their funny 29 reasons you shouldn’t move to Denver.

Here are the top 5

  • 300 days of sunshine requires constant squinting or investment in sunglasses AND sunscreen.
  • We are only the second best football team in the country. (Probably best for you to move to Seattle?)
  • Being one of the happiest cities in the country gets truly annoying.
  • Lazy folks get easily irritated living in one of the most active cities in the U.S.
  • You will need to adjust your baking recipes due to the altitude.

And you can read the rest here.

But the article brings up some great points.  There really are so many reasons why Denver is a great place to live.

Our weather IS 365 days of sunshine.  But it’s not just that, we also get all four seasons.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall are beautiful.  In fact, we often get all four in just one week.  You can start off on Monday jogging in shorts under a hot sun, spend Tuesday feeling the cool breeze of fall, get a foot of snow on Wednesday, and then Thursday it will melt and feel just like Spring.

If you want a change of climate for any reason you can just head up to the mountains.  Denver doesn’t have just any backyard, we have one of the most beautiful spots on earth within an hours drive to go skiing, hiking, biking, or just pause and reflect on the beauty of nature.

And of course the city, our wonderful Denver Urban living environment.  We have great restaurants, shopping, sports teams, bars, bistros, festivals, events, transit, bike paths, green space, and more.

If you read the headline and thought we were going to tell you why you shouldn’t move to Denver you have the wrong website. Denver is the best.

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