Truffles arrive at Marczyks

Photo Credit to Marczyks

We are on a foodie fest this month. It may be the Holidays, it may just be that we want to pack in a few extra treats before we restart our New Year’s Resolutions. Whatever it is, this month we have food on the mind.

Which brings us to today’s big news. Marckyks Fine Foods has announced that it is the beginning of Truffle Season in Denver. This comes not twice, but just ONCE a year.

There is absolutely nothing like the pure delightful flavor of a real truffle. Not a truffle oil, or truffle salt.. but a real truffle.

Add it to your favorite dish, your favorite appetizer, or feature it in some way at your Holiday get together and be the absolute HIT of the party.

They are scheduling two pick up times, one around Christmas and one around New Years. You get to pick from different truffles including Fresh Black Truffles (domestic), Fresh White Truffles (domestic), Fresh Burgundy (Italy), Fresh Perigord Black Winter (France), or Fresh Alba White (Italy).

Not sure which ones to pick, check in with the experts at Marczyks and they can help guide you down your path of culinary adventure.

And don’t forget one of the favorite holiday uses for truffles… desserts. Mixed with chocolate a truffle takes delicious to an entirely new level.

Have we tempted you enough… Visit Marczyks Website to learn more.

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