CAR2GO Hit’s Denver with a Launch Party June 29th

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Car2Go is Coming to Denver

Yesterday at the Bike to Work Day Party at Cactus I saw something I had just been reading about in the New York Times Article “Car Sharing Grows With Fewer Strings Attached“. What I had read about was the Car2Go.com Network that had overtaken Europe.   What I saw were three Car2Go Cars lined up on 15th Street.

Needless to say, I was excited.

It turns out that Car2Go is launching in Denver and they plan to fill our Downtown Denver neighborhoods with their little fuel efficient smart cars.  Car2Go is a car sharing service that has been very, very successful in cities far bigger than Denver.  They do one thing that I think is pretty smart… they don’t use parking lots but use public streets to boost sharing.  When you want a car you simply find the closest one using their online or mobile app locator tools. When you are done you just leave it wherever you stop provided you are in the coverage areas.

Car2Go Launch Party at the Kitchen June 29th from 11 – 4

They are hitting Denver with a big Launch Party at the Kitchen Denver 1530 16th Street Denver Colorado on Saturday, June 29th from 11 am – 4 pm.   The Car2Go Denver kickoff will have free food (while supplies last), promos, swag, test drives and you might just win a smart car.

When I saw them yesterday they were taking email addresses to give away free memberships and get folks kicked off with a little first month starter plan.

Here are some details on Car2Go from their website.

Car2Go Rates Denver

One time sign up fee$35 plus tax
Per minute$0.38 plus tax
Per hour maximum$13.99 plus tax
Per day maximum$72.99 plus tax
Per mi after 150 mi per trip45 cents, plus tax

Car Sharing Revolution Across Denver (and elsewhere)

This is a trend that is taking off.  I haven’t driven my own car for almost a month (it’s a personal goal) and this option would be perfect if I take the plunge and let go of my car entirely.  Granted, I’m on the creative side and I do more work in a studio than our Denver Urban realtors do.  But that doesn’t stop me from thinking that car sharing is a great idea.  It shares resources and provides a solution for those of us who want to minimize our car driving as much as possible.

I’m heading to their launch… who knows I might even enter to win a smart car.  See you there!  I do recommend you read the article listed above from the New York Times… it’s pretty amazing what Car2Go and others have done already in other cities.

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