Stock Market Vs Real Estate Market


We have a client who is working to balance out their portfolio between a number of options including Real Estate, Stocks, Money Market Funds or a combination. It is a common question many have and it is personal to each individual situation, risk tolerance, and what they think the future would hold. Investment advisors always say there is no crystal ball, which may be true but it is a fun question to look at so we wanted to get as many viewpoints as possible. Where do you think the best investment over the next 10 years would be?

It will be interesting to look back on this post in 10 (or 5, or 1) year(s) and see if the votes match the results.

Myself, well I’m a Real Estate investor. Perhaps those with knowledge of the stock market would be opposite, and that is fair. But one piece of advice I got once was to invest in what I know. The purest form of this from many business owners would be to invest in your own skills, your own business. Start a company, build a brand, do something you are comfortable with.

Then there is real estate. For me that involves intimate knowledge of the market, the development plans in the area, what the future holds. I’m a big fan of Denver, I invest in Denver, that is my choice.

Then there is the stock market. It opens you up to possibilities well beyond the local market and let’s you invest in sectors that you believe will grow. For some that is specific knowledge of a company, or an industry, a country, or a sector of industry. I don’t have that knowledge, I’m not as comfortable with it, and I feel there are far too many competitors trying to use the same data to find the winning strategy.

With Real Estate I can walk it, I can understand the value, and I can feel comfortable with the forecast I have for the future. It’s more personal and I don’t feel that millions of other people have the same knowledge. That’s my choice. What is yours?

Comment away Denver.

If you want to “Pump it up” where would you invest?

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