Seafood, Swine, and Wine at the newly open Old Major in LoHi

Old Major LoHi Denver


This past week Old Major, a new eatery specializing in “Seafood, Swine, and Wine” opened it’s doors in the Lower Highlands (LoHi) Neighborhood at the 33rd and Tejon area.

If there is one thing LoHi Condo and Home residents know, its that they can look forward to a great new restaurant opening almost every month. March is the month of the Swine!

Old Major has a very unique focus brought to us by chef Justin Brunson broken into 5 core areas.

  1. Small Plates: Including Duck Fat Fries, Black Truffle Pistachio Sausage, Crispy, Pork Cheeks, PEI Mussels and more. This section is how to get your meal started off right. Don’t forget to enjoy the Pretzel rolls that everyone has been raving about.
  2. The Butcher: You know what this is all about! The Butcher section includes all the great pork (swine), poultry, and red meat entrees. Feeling super hungery, try their huge 24 ounce wood-fired bone-in rib-eye. We personally can’t help but be drawn to the swine they claim is their specialty. One of their facebook fans posted the question “Can you do schweinehaxe?” and they got a quick response “yes we can. Just give chef 48 hours notice on your reservation. Hell yes.” I call that living up to their Swine specialty.
  3. The Farmer: Don’t worry if your are the vegetarian among your Urban Tribe of Carnivores, they have a section of the menu just for you. Don’t worry, while salads are on the Farmer section there are some great creative entrees for those who prefer a lighter side.
  4. The Monger: Seafood, Seafood, Seafood… the Monger section takes care of those who want something from the sea (or river). Their wood fired oven means you can enjoy a fish of the day such as their wood-grilled sturgeon, or scallops, or more.
  5. Sides: Yes, there is a section so you can pick the favorite side dishes to accompany whatever your choice.

Did you think we forgot Dessert. Well don’t worry because there are 5 items on the desert menu set up to accompany each of the different tastes brought to you by Pastry chef Nadine Donovan.

Of course you might just want to stop in and relax at the bar. The remodel of this building (next to the Denver Firehouse Church) has been amazing. We can go on and on about the modern but cozy interior design but we prefer to let their Facebook Photo Stream show you.

Enjoy and if you REALLY love Old Major then we have an Old Major Page with the closest listings so you can walk for your daily does of swine.

We don’t have to tell you that LoHi is booming. The transformation has been amazing to experience. The new restaurants that started the foodie trend (Linger, LoLa, Colt and Gray, LoHi Steak Bar) helped to make the community a Denver favorite. This increased the pace of development bringing about new Urban Townhome, midrise, and lowrise projects in LoHi.

Of course those new residents brought in more people and a higher density of population. Which means more hungry folks to draw in more restaurants.

And thus we see more great restaurants opening their doors. Its a growing neighborhood where real estate moves quickly. We began tracking average LoHi sales prices so you can see just what is happening on a per square foot asking price basis.

But the best way to learn what is happening in LoHi is to contact us at 303-522-7746 or info@denverurban.net.

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