Instacart Denver Grocery Delivery bring Whole Foods, Marcyzks and more

instacart Denver

Everyone is certainly excited for the new Whole Foods to arrive at Union Station. But December of 2017 is quite a few months down the road. However, on a recent walk through of a local Denver high rise we saw a stack of brightly colored grocery bags sitting at the front desk having been recently delivered.

Our curiosity was peaked. Something in the world of grocery delivery seems to be sweeping our city, or at least the downtown.

Then on a recent stop a Whole Foods in Cherry Creek the same bags were spotted. The new app that is taking Denver by storm is called Instacart.

Instacart is the newest offering in shared services. Uber let’s people share their car to offer you a ride. Air BNB allows people to share their homes and offer you a room. Well Instacart allows people to share their transportation and time to handle your shopping for you.

Instacart describes it as “Instacart is a grocery delivery service that delivers in as little as an hour! We connect you with Personal Shoppers in your area who pick up and deliver your groceries from your favorite local stores.”

Those favorites stores include Whole Foods, Costco, Marczyks, Safeway, and King Sooper. So now downtown residents have a way to avoid driving for their groceries as they await the new Whole Foods opening.

I asked the cashiers at Whole Foods what the initial impression has been and they said it has been great. Folks are having Instacart pick up their meats, breads, cheeses, and all the fresh ingredients needed for a nice dinner at home.

So with one phone call you can now have fresh fish, meats and vegetables at your front door. That is pretty convenient.

Shoppers who register with Instacart now get a $10 coupon towards the first purchase and there is no charge to set up the account.

Life in our Urban city just keeps getting more convenient. Traffic may not be getting better, but ways to avoid driving are certainly expanding.

Learn more about Instacart here.

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