A New Large Scale Development in RiNo is Coming


Mixed Use Development in Rino

Yay!!! Really, this is worth cheering.

For months, going on years, most every crane that was working on a larger project was working on a For Rent larger project.

There have been virtually no new high rise or large scale residential projects to speak of. There have been many individual home builders, many duplex builders, and even some mid rise developers.

But the larger footprints within our city have gone to apartments.

That is about to change.

A New Development planned in the River North (RiNo) area of Denver has been announced in the Denver Business Journal and they are reporting “23 townhomes” and “about 100 condominiums” located above retail space.

The location of the project is “along Brighton Boulevard between 31st and 35th Streets”. That is a pretty amazing spot.

We are excited. Mixed use projects can be really awesome because they allow for so much in the retail space. Many RiNo developments have thrived with a live/work focus on the retail space. Other locations have focused in on amenities, adding restaurants, bars, fitness centers, and other businesses that can be enjoyed (and benefit from) the residents who live above them.

The article doesn’t mention anything about timing or pricing, but our team is going to start finding out as much as possible to help our potential buyers stay updated and ready for the first opportunities in this new project.

Once again YAY!!! This is great news for Denver and hopefully a start of some more residential development down the road.

If you would like us to keep you posted on this project or if you have questions please fill out our contact form.

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