Glass House Expands Resident Fitness Center


Glass House Denver

Denver’s most popular Residential High Rise Tower, the Glass House, added one more reason to love living there. They expanded the fitness center.

To begin with I should share that the Glass House already had what may be the best fitness center of any building in Denver. With two floors, full weight room, full cardio and high tech workout equipment, two classrooms offering spin, yoga, and other classes it was already awesome. Somehow it got even better.

This past year the HOA and the Glass House residents acquired all the remaining commercial space within the building. That included the Fitness Center. One of the goals expressed by the HOA was an objective to improve the operation with more classes and reduce costs or fees.

It also meant that a huge square footage area accessible from the fitness center became HOA property as well. It had previously been used for storage.

Now it has been combined in with the gym to give it one more training and workout room. It is pretty rough right now and has only been used for boot camp style classes BUT plans are over the next several weeks to start improvements including carpeting, lighting so it blends in with the rest of Riverfront Athletic Club’s high end design.

Square footage is at a premium in our city. The Glass House just figured out a way to find more, and to use it to enrich the living experience of its residents.

Other changes with the fitness center since the change of ownership to the homeowners has been a restructuring of classes including a new weekend football boot camp. Which means if you live in the Glass House you probably don’t need any outside fitness memberships. For most that can be a $100-$200 a month value.

Just one more reason why living in the Glass House is so exceptional. Learn more about this amazing building here.

One other side note. The new Confluence Denver tower everyone was expecting to be a for sale new development at 15th and Little Raven… it’s being advertised as for lease. One more reason to look at the Glass House or any of the towers we cover.

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