Colorado is where all the smart kids want to be


Colorado is Where all the Smart Kids Want To be

At least that’s what Governor John Hickenlooper shared on his facebook page in his post

#Colorado has got it going on. It’s where all the smart kids want to be. #BestPlaceToWorkAndPlay

And there’s a good reason why. According to the Washington Post Article titled “Where America’s college grads are moving” which looked at the top 25 metro areas attracting new college grads Denver/Aurora/Broomfield is the NUMBER ONE location drawing the next generations brightest.

The article goes into a lot of the economical and sociological reasons why all this brain power being invested in a city is so valuable for growth. Economic reason can drive new business start ups, power existing businesses here in Denver with their recruiting and market growth, and inspire some of the best new ideas in any industry. It is a catalyst for amazing things to happen, which includes all the amazing new culinary restaurants we have seen blossoming across our city.

From a real estate stand point it also explains some of the rapid growth in demand for housing. With a percentage growth that exceeds 20% Denver’s population is booming. Which means all those apartment buildings, new developments, and for sale inventory has an audience waiting to buy or rent.

Which builds out or neighborhoods. It fills the new construction being completed in LoHi, Ball Park, Five Points, Jefferson Park, and most definitely Union Station.

Which then gives new business, restaurant, bar, and services entrepreneurs more audience to help them kick start whatever new venture they have in mind.

Which then makes it an even better place for a smart young graduate to move to join a growing company, find a job, or start up their own company.

And the beat goes on…

Dang it Denver, we love you!

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