Rooftop Restaurant on Platte in Riverfront Park / Central Platte Valley / LoHi

LoHi Restaurant

Rooftop Restaurant on Platte

Walking around Downtown you see a lot of buildings in the process of going up. Sometimes we see something that catches our eye and has to be shared.

Today, that something is a posting advertising a Restaurant Space Available in a new building being built on Platte Street in the Riverfront Park / Central Platte Valley / LoHi area. If the sign placement is indicative of where the restaurant will be located, there might be a new rooftop restaurant location coming with one of the best views in Denver. Since this new building is located right on the Platte River across from Commons Park the views would be an incredible skyline of the Riverfront Park Towers such as Glass House and then the entire Union Station and LoDo skyline behind it.


Now it is more likely that the restaurant space will be occupied by a tenant on the ground level… but the sign placement makes it seem as if the top floor would be the available space.

It is simply amazing just how many new wonderful restaurants, bars, bistros, taverns, pubs, breweries, and eateries have been established in the entire Central Platte Valley area. At a time when stock prices are so volatile (dropping another 200+ points today to 16,321 from a high of 17,279 on September 19th) many are looking at investments in their own back yard.

We just happen to live in one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

And today we saw one more sign (literally) that the city is continuing to grow and offer one of the best Urban lifestyles anywhere.

Congrats Denver! Now comment away on what type of restaurant you’d like to see in this amazing location.


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