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Our New York Clients have few complaints when they move to Denver. They rave about the lack of traffic. They cheer the 300+ days of sunshine and amazing Colorado weather. The share how they enjoy being able to see the sky when they walk downtown, how they have room to walk downtown, and their love of our Rocky Mountain Backyard for skiing and hiking. They most certainly tell us how they can afford to buy HUGE condos and lofts in our Downtown for prices that might not even purchase a parking space in New York.

They even rave to their friends back home how our restaurants are on par (or better) than those that are worshipped in the big apple… with one exception.

All the New Yorkers who have relocated for Denver have been sobbing about missing their New York Bagels. It is one consistent complaint about Denver that East Coasters seem to be in agreement on. Some say it is the water, some say it is the altitude, others simply believe it is a magical essence in New York that can’t be duplicated. Whatever the reason, for as long as I can remember my New York friends have taken trips back home with a clear checklist to eat bagels every day they are there and, if possible, come back with a stack of Bagel goodness in their carry on.

Well, New York Transplants, I have good news for you.

One Denverite felt the same way you did and decided to do something about it. With a belief that the water constitution was the key ingredient Rosenberg’s Bagels has opened their doors to bring the New York Bagel to Five Points. They apparently have found a way to duplicate the water by adding/removing minerals (we don’t know exactly) to be able to bake fresh and delicious New York Bagels here.

It doesn’t stop there. They also are offering all the great things New Yorkers are used to. You have your multiple types of lox and fishes, your salted meats, your egg salad. I didn’t see chopped liver when I stopped in, but maybe it was just an off day.

Either way, the line on a recent weekend stretched through the hallway and out the door, easily over a half an hour. It looks like someone has cracked the bagel code.

I ordered an everything bagel with Scottish Salmon, cream cheese, and the traditional garnishes. It was delicious, although I have to say I’m more of a Norwegian salmon person. But I had to try their saltiest version to see.

Now it’s your turn. Visit Rosenberg’s Bagels and come back to comment on what you think.

This might just be a reason to give Five Points another look. The neighborhood is booming, and one bagel spot like this is reason enough to want to be close by. Then you can walk over to beat the crowds by being there when they open.

Welcome to Denver Rosenbergs! Visit them at https://www.facebook.com/Rosenbergsbagels

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Rosenberg’s Bagels

725 East 26th Ave
Denver, Colorado

(720) 440-9880

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Rosenbergs Bagels

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