McLoughlins in Riverfront Park adds Dog Friendly Patio Section


McLoughlin’s in Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park’s most popular pub has been growing steadily over the past few years to meet the demand of a thriving neighborhood. Earlier we reported on the huge space expansion when McLoughlins almost tripled in size.

The most recent news about McLoughlins should make our local LoHi, Riverfront Park, and Union Station Neighborhood dog lovers and owners especially happy. They have found a way to make the patio dog friendly.

Not the entire patio is dog friendly, but the section (pictured above) that is in front of the expanded area is now open for you to sit and have a beer with your pup. For those who don’t remember, that space used to house a local Community Banks of Colorado branch.

So that makes Riverfront Park even more of a dog friendly destination. INK Coffee added tables outside directly on the raised curb of Little Raven Street where dogs and their owners can relax. Denver Beer Company, just across the pedestrian bridge on Platte Street has been a dog friendly year round destination where you are almost guaranteed to see a few happy pups anytime you visit.

And one can’t talk about the Dog Friendly aspect of Riverfront Park without mentioning the biggest dog friendly components… the parks. Riverfront Park enjoys a location directly on the front of Beautiful Commons Park and just a block or two away from Confluence Park and Cuornavaca park. These beautiful green space parks are perfect for taking your pup on a walk.

Want to let your dog run off leash, there’s a park for that too. Denver’s Railyard Park was funded via the Riverfront Park foundation and provides two different dog friendly park areas.

Add it all together and Riverfront Park may be the most Dog Friendly neighborhood in Denver.

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