Denver’s Rising Walkability Score


Denver’s Growth in Walkability

Denver is growing fast. Fortunately for us, the urban planners and transit developers such as RTD had the vision to make transportation a fundamental of the city growth plan. We have a great new Fastracks system that will be able to carry us throughout the city and the airport, plenty of in town shuttle services, and a growing bike lane and bike sharing network.

When it comes to travel, these options help you live car free and use those things on your legs called feet.

Our city’s rank as a Pedestrian Friendly environment is increasing as well. According to “Foot Traffic Ahead – Ranking Walkable Urbanism in America’s Largest Metros” by The George Washington School of Business Denver is ranked 14th of 30 in terms of walkability. You may be thinking that 14th isn’t that high. But take a look at who ranks above us and you will see some of the older and MUCH denser population cities such as New York, Boston, and Baltimore. We are doing pretty darn good and our growth is still in front of us.


The basis for these scores is overall walkability, access to transit, and more. What it means for our residents is simple…

Denver is a great place to live and invest in.

So many of our clients and our Denver Urban Fan base are looking for living options that embrace a car free lifestyle. The benefits we talk about are many. Some enjoy the healthy aspects of walking. You may not realize just how much exercise walking every day can benefit you. Others talk about the wonderful lifestyle benefits and enjoyment they get by removing the time spent in traffic, dealing with other grumpy drivers, finding parking, and all the ongoing headaches of commuting.

So which neighborhoods are the most pedestrian friendly in Denver. Of course Union Station, Riverfront Park, and LoDo can claim the hub of the new RTD Union Station base but in reality every new track RTD puts in place extends the world of car free living. It’s simple, just find a place to call home near a light rail station. Transit Oriented Developers know this and they are targeting these areas for new projects. Maybe you should too.

Contact anyone on our Denver Urban Team and learn more about Transit Oriented Homes and Condos. We even have an online search focused on this specific goal many of our buyers have. Visit it here.

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