All Aboard! A Sneak Peek inside the New Denver Union Station Terminal


Don’t forget the Transit

Sure, we keep talking about all the great restaurants opening up in the New Denver Union Station terminal.  But the real heart of Union Station is the transit.

Denver Union Station is the hub for the entire Light Rail System. From this central location at the Newly renovated Terminal and the awesome Union Station Neighborhood being developed Denver residents can travel throughout our city.  One of the most exciting elements of our rail system is the new East Corridor access line underway that will carry travelers to and from Denver International Airport.

The DIA line is the one I am most excited about.  Once that is open the days of guessing how much time it will take to get to the airport, dealing with traffic (which gets worse every year), parking, parking fees, and all those annoying commuting elements will be replaced by a train timetable and the ability to sit and relax on the train.

The benefits of our new transit hub at Denver Union Station don’t stop with the light rail.  Denver Union Station is also the hub of national rail lines and local shuttle and bus transportation options.  This morning when taking some photos inside the new terminal I checked to see where today’s travelers might be going.

Two options were taking off today out of Union Station via the Amtrak schedule. The first was the California Zephyr that begins in Chicago before arriving in Denver and then continues on to Glenwood Springs and finishes in Emeryville (San Francisco).  Today’s train was Westbound.

The other scheduled trip was a bus departing for Vail.  That means there IS a way to get up to at least one of our amazing ski resorts without driving.  I’m hoping the list of options keeps growing.

Most of us are already familiar with the local 16th street shuttle and a new shuttle line along 18th is being added.

As more and more transit continues to grow, as the RTD lines are extended, and as national Rail continues to evolve the location at Union Station is bound to become an even more attractive amenity for downtown residents.

And as you can see from the images below, the new terminal is AMAZING and offers great restaurants for dining, bars for celebrating, and hotels for guest to stay and enjoy our downtown.

Who else is excited to consider the new Denver Union Station and the light rail to DIA as the the first stop on their vacation?

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