SNOOZE Union Station is OPEN as of July 16th!


Union Station’ Home of Breakfast is Open

July is Union Station month and today we wanted to share a photo of the new Snooze Union Station with their fabulous outdoor patio as they serve up breakfast delights and treats.

The Official Union Station opening has been delayed by two weeks but that does NOT affect Snooze.  So get your early morning meal of delicious pancakes, gourmet Benedict, or any of the other items snooze is famous for at the new location effective immediately. This location is awesome and sure to be one of the busiest among all the locations. Let me tell you why…

First, this Snooze is located in the Union Station Terminal. The sheer volume of commuters going in and out of this station within the next few years is going to be staggering. Once the new DIA light rail line opens up it is going to be a river of people traveling back and forth.

Second, this location is in the heart of Downtown. Even if there weren’t the huge commuter traffic this location is surrounded by the awesome Riverfront Park, LoHi, LoDo, and Central Downtown neighborhoods of hungry residents and workers.

Third, Snooze is going to be doing room service within the new Crawford Hotel. I know that my personal preference if I was staying at a hotel would be to have Snooze to start my day instead of some boring hotel menu. I have a feeling that once the hotel is full to capacity Snooze will have a ton of traffic flowing up and down those elevators.

So get in there now before the rest of the world learns they are open.

If you haven’t been to Snooze yet make sure to check it out and here is their menu as a reason to do it today.

Great Local Neighborhoods to Live in

Downtown is booming and the New Union Station project is just one more amenity of the great Downtown Lifestyle.  Enjoy light rail to DIA (2016?) or throughout Denver.  Enjoy hundreds of great restaurants, bistos, bars, pubs, eateries, and more outside your front door.  Check out the following Neighborhood Links to find available properties.

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  • LoDo
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