New Fox and 41st Fastracks Station is Under Construction and Moving Forward

The First Stop from Denver Union Station

We like to celebrate every new milestone in our Denver Urban Expanding light rail network, and the new Station Stop for the Fox and 41st FasTracks station along the Gold Commuter line is certainly a big deal.

Currently under construction is only one stop away from the Denver Union Station new terminal and it has created a buzz about how transit oriented development in the form of new construction might get a positive boost in the Globeville and surrounding area.

Transit oriented development is a big deal.  Folks love access to transit.  It can bring a growing boost to property values just like any amenity.  Sure, swimming pools are nice.  So are movie theaters.  But if you live within walking distance of a light rail station the entire city is available for you to enjoy.  You can jump on the light rail to Denver Union Station and enjoy downtown, or to our Sporting Arenas, or travel all the way across town.

With every new station that is added the value of being close to a station increases because that means you have more locations to easily travel to.  And don’t forget, within the next few years everyone with access to a light rail station can look at skipping the traffic filled drive to the airport and travel by rail.

The Value of Light Rail

Transit has become so valuable in many other cities that it is a top bullet point on property marketing materials.   But it’s not just the number of stations to visit that affect the value of having a home or condo on light rail.  Increases in gas prices, increases in traffic, and difficulty or cost tied to parking downtown are all factors that start to make having light rail easily accessible an increasing value.

Not only is this a priority for homeowners, it is also often a major investment consideration for investment customers.  There is a reason why apartment developers target lots along transit stations, and it is one that individual investors can learn from as well.  If you are considering a new multi dwelling unit or single unit investment property make sure to ask the question of how easily your tenants can access the light rail.  For many, an easy commute in a rental property isn’t an amenity, it is a necessity.

The light rail station isn’t scheduled to open until 2016 but it’s already making its way into the public remarks on properties listed for sale here.  Here is an excerpt from one Northwest Denver listing.


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