Denver Parks and Rec Improvements to Commons Park Start Today

New Lighting for Commons Park

Clients and Denver Urban Fans have been buzzing for years about how great the Riverfront Park and LoHi lifestyle is.  We talk non stop about the great location, access to light rail, restaurants, shopping, events, green space, and access to trails and bridges.

We also talk about the safety factor.  Riverfront Park provides one of the greatest amenities for a downtown neighborhood via their master HOA.  This master HOA, which every resident of Riverfront Park contributes to, helps to support a team of folks who keep the area clean and also off duty police officers who work daily to keep the neighborhood safe.

That’s pretty cool.  Especially when you think about just how much traffic takes place connecting residents of Northwest Denver (LoHi, West Highlands, etc.) and Downtown Denver. Most if it via the Plaza at Riverfront Park and crossing the main lawn at Commons Park.  With the growth expected due to the new Union Station Neighborhood projects and light rail this area is sure to have more traffic.

So the city of Denver is dedicated to making that commute even safer. Starting today, and for the next 6-8 weeks, the Denver Parks and Recreation Department will be upgrading the lighting across the paths for the big circle area of Commons Park. The goal of the project is to help promote safety.

For those who don’t know, the Denver Parks are Recreation department has curfews on our public parks. Officially our city parks are closed from 11:00 PM until 5:00 AM, which you can read about in the “City and County of Denver Department of Parks and Recreation Rules and Regulations“.

However, the wonderful design of our pedestrian bridges for the Downtown – Riverfront Park – LoHi connection make this central lawn area of Commons Park such a safe and convenient pedestrian and bike friendly path compared to walking along 15th or 20th street that the city seems committed to making sure the safest alternative exists.

From a Denver Urban point of view the new lighting project is great and a tip of our hat to Denver Parks and Rec for working to keep providing great pedestrian friendly, safe, and convenient uses of our public spaces.

The Downtown Denver lifestyle just keeps getting better and better every day. To learn more about Denver Urban living contact us today.

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