Snooze Union Station Opening July 12th 2014 & Opportunities to Join Their Team


Snooze Union Station Arrives July 12th 2014

That’s right, in just a couple months one of Denver’s Favorite Breakfast Destinations will be part of history on Saturday July 12th, the official door opening of Denver Union Station.  The 12h is the opening of the Union Station building itself and will be the first time many will get to experience all the new restaurant and food concepts for our commuting and traveling downtown residents.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited.  There are so many great restaurants going into Union Station but this article is about how the day should start.  That means talking about Snooze!

Snooze opened it’s first location not too far from Union Station, at the existing Ballpark location, on April 2nd, 2006.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to eat there on the opening day, but I am pretty sure it was the opening month.   The biggest compliment is to say I’ve been going back ever since.  The food is amazing, with a mix of sweet and savory.  Word traveled quickly about their amazing pancakes and my friends and I often enjoyed a flight (of pancakes) as part of our group dining ritual.  I like to mix it up so sharing some of the Snooze cakes always comp;ements any of my favorites such as the Sandwich I Am egg deliciousness on an Udi’s soft pretzel roll or the Breakfast Pot Pie with Snooze’s homemade rosemary sausage gravy, a flaky puff pastry, and an egg on top.

Truth be told I probably have ordered, enjoyed, and raved about every item on the menu.  Some people love the variety of Benedict, some the spuds, and some the sweets… but let there be no doubt that everyone leaves happy.   The staff is amazing, friendly and helpful.  The decor is a cool and, in my opinion, the perfect tip of the hat to retro.  About the only thing one can complain about might be the wait.  But fear not, you have free coffee and can order a delicious bloody mary, mimosa, or special cocktail while you catch up with your friends and wait.   On  a Saturday or Sunday plan on more than one cocktail.  Food this good means a lot of people want to eat there too so you gotta (you just gotta) expect a line.

But who knows, maybe one more downtown location will spread the crowds.

Who am I kidding, this place is too good and Denver is growing too fast.  The lines will continue.

The New Snooze Union Station Details

Okay Snooze Fans, here’s the scoop on the new location shared with me by their very helpful and wonderful Rebecca Long.    As I mentioned Snooze Union Station will be opening on Saturday July 12th and it will be roughly 1700  square feet.  For those who want to try to picture how big this is you can plan on seating for about 70 inside and when the patio is open the total seating will be about 120.

That’s right, I did say Patio… and this one will be serving food.  Summer time weekends should most definitely include some Snooze outdoor patio bloodys and breakfast gatherings.   Snooze will be connected to the main terminal so all you commuters out there should plan to leave home a little early so you can enjoy some Snooze deliciousness to power up for you day.

Snooze Hiring New Snoozers for Union Station Location

There are going to be some management staff moving around so you might see a familiar face and they will be hiring new snoozers.  You heard that right, new snoozers apply now.  So if you want to work for a great company and team Rebecca shared with us the details about the Union Station hiring opportunities.  Here are those details:

Open Interview hiring for all positions:

Wednesday May 28th and Thursday May 29th from 10:0am-6:00pm
Friday May 30th and Saturday May 31st from 8:00am-3:00pm

Interviews Hosted at:
Snooze Grand Mothership
2262 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

Email with questions:


Snooze, Denver Born and Expanding Fast

Sure, the food is amazing, the people are nice, but that’s not the only reason Snooze has grown not only in Colorado but also in San Diego California and Phoenix Arizona.   That extra something is that they care.

They care about their employees, their customers and their community.  Their motto is “Snooze is passionate about our food. We serve tasty and responsible food with a fun twist.   We put a lot of thought into the food we source and are proud of what we serve our guests” and they deliver on it.

On the community involvement Rebecca shared…

We aim to become an integral part of the community and a great neighbor in any community that we join. We donate 1% of our total sales to our community partners as well as local schools and sustainability or education projects. We try to look a few miles from our front door and ask ourselves how can we make an impact? What can we do to make a positive difference using pancakes and breakfast as our vehicle! At the ballpark location we often volunteer at the Rescue Mission or donate food etc. We love working with Urban Peak and have conducted mock interviews for their kids who are about to look for jobs etc.

Kudos to Snooze and Congratulations on the new Union Station location.  I’ve been writing about Snooze since my first Pineapple Upside Down Pancake at theurbanbrain.com and it is a subject I can always rave about.

Of course, the other thing I love to rave about is sustainable living and since this magical date of July 12th also celebrates the launch of Union Station I’m doing a very happy dance.  Commuters riding light rail, car optional lifestyles, and Snooze pancakes.

It’s going to be a pretty good day!

Cheers Denver and Happy Breakfast to you!  Oh, and here’s a YouTube video from Denver Rail Fan showing the new station on the outside. You have to wait to see the inside.

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