16th Street Millennium Bridge Improvements Begin April 21st

16th Street Millennium Bridge

Get ready Denver, starting April 21st the 16th Street Millennium Bridge that connects Riverfront Park and the New Union Station Neighborhood is starting construction on a very cool face lift.

With all the planned foot traffic that the New Union Station light rail hub is expected to generate, including a new light rail line to DIA, it just makes sense to expand the East side foundation and pave the way for growth.  But this face lift isn’t just about traffic patterns, it’s about architectural design.

According to the Central Platte Valley Metropolitan District letter to neighborhood residents, part of this cool update will be a new set of LED lighting systems.  The Millennium is already an architectural icon, but this face lift will be implementing a lighting system similar to what dazzles us at Union Station and the Capitol during the holidays.  There will even be blue and orange lights to celebrate Denver Broncos games.   Does this mean Purple for Colorado Rockies games, Steel Blue and Burgundy for Colorado Avalanche Games, and Blue and Gold for Nuggets Games.

Actually the Rockies are technically Black, Silver, White and Purple… so I’m imagining the fun that could be had with a black light.

While the architects and designers focus on how to make the Riverfront Park and Union Station Millennium Bridge a beautiful icon of the city, we want to remind you to plan accordingly for your transit.  With construction moving in phases you can expect the stairs to be closed often and reliance on the elevators when available.  Cyclists might want to plan ahead and shoot down 20th or 15th and pedestrians remember we still have the Union Gateway Bridge at 18th.  However with all the new construction on the new Alta City House, the new King Sooper Grocery store at 20th and Chestnut, and all the other exciting buildings popping up your best bet might be to go AROUND this rapid development zone for a couple months while the bridge get’s wrapped up.

Now we have a fun question for you… what lighting suggestions can you think of for any day or event you can think of?  Who knows, maybe someone will see it and make it happen.

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