Denver Glass House lockdown leads to fugitive capture

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Remember folks, you can put fugitives down the trash chute but they can’t be recycled.

Even the most desirable neighborhood in Denver can have an off day. But a couple hours of excitement didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the beautiful weather in Riverfront and Commons Park.

Living in the Glass House was a little exciting today when police and federal Marshals put the building into lockdown for a short time in pursuit of an individual. According to residents a man swung out of a 20th floor unit balcony and broke into the floor below in an attempted escape. Roughly 20 some police cars closed down Bassett Street during the pursuit.

Residents in the building carried on as normal but those who left could not return. One resident who left to take his dog for a walk decided to sit out the drama at the Ale House at Amatos. He quoted “I learned my survival skills from Shaun of the Dead and headed to the pub”.

By mid afternoon all was back to normal. No news yet on who was on the run or what they were on the run for but we will watch the news tonight.  We did hear the fugitive slid down the trash chute from the 19th floor.

Swinging from a balcony 20 stories up in the air and sliding down a trash chute from 19 stories sound like something from an action movie… well a low budget action movie anyway.

Glass House Trash ChuteBut we do have two versions.  Some folks claim the fugitive climbed down from 20 to 17 via the balconies and then crawled down the trash chute to 4 where he was apprehended.  Others claim he only scaled from the 20th floor to the 19th and then decided to use the trash chute.  We took a photo of the now famous 4th floor trash chute so you can see just how small of an opening is available to climb in or out of.

Fortunately it seems no one was hurt and most of the efforts were made during the pursuit.  We’ve seen the trash chutes in the Glass House and considering the building is 7 years old we have to feel sorry for whomever the lucky officer was who drove the captured fugitive back to the office.  We are just happy it’s a nice day to roll down the window. View more about the fugitive at the CBS News Story.


Glass House released this to residents:

Good Evening, This afternoon US Marshals came to the Glass House looking for an individual on the 20th floor, south tower. They attempted to make contact with the individual but he was uncooperative and would not open the door. The individual then rappelled to the balcony below, entered that unit through the patio door and proceeded to the hallway on the 19th floor and entered the trash chute. Ultimately he was found in the trash chute on the 4th floor and removed from the building. We appreciate the professionalism exhibited by the US Marshals and the Denver Police and the management team at the Glass House in this effort.


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