New Hotel Coming to Union Station

Before the days of planes and automobiles, trains were the hallmark of all that represented modern transportation.  During that time, Union Station was a center piece of Denver society and a popular public gathering place.  As it undergoes its current (re)development into a transportation hub for the Front Range, one hospitality group is seeking to create a new hotel at Union Station – The Crawford Hotel.  This 112 room hotel will boast more than 20,000 square feet of retail space on its main level.  Doors are scheduled to open on July 11th.  Read about additional details of the hotel construction here.

As Union Station establishes itself in downtown Denver in the coming months, downtown Denver’s real estate market stands to be transformed.  Tracking the change in prices and average Price per Square Foot (PSF) of the adjacent neighborhoods will be critical tasks for any investor or home-seeker looking in these areas.  We at Denver Urban continue to monitor this, providing real-time stats here. Once on this page, click on any of the listed neighborhoods.  You’ll then see a graph icon on that neighborhood page that will show you the neighborhood PSF history.

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