Monkey Barrel Bar Brings Music and Brews to LoHi / Riverfront Park

Monkey Barrel Bar from outsideLoHi and Riverfront Park might be the two neighborhoods dueling it out for the best place to live in Denver.  Both neighborhoods have a great location with easy access to downtown and light rail.  They both offer an EXTENSIVE list of the top restaurants in Denver.  From a foodie standpoint they might be considered the best of the best places to live and eat.  And of course they both offer some of the coolest modern homes, lofts, and condos in downtown Denver.

Riverfront Park can claim the most desired buildings such as Glass House, Riverfront Tower, and ONE Riverfront.  LoHi can claim the  sought after blend of historic homes, Denver squares, and modern townhomes and single family new builds.

Live Music is Here!

Now, one the disputed territory of Platte Street which could be considered to be Riverfront Pak or LoHI, something new has arrived to the area…. Live Music.  Just when we thought the neighborhoods were perfect someone went and found what was missing.   Monkey Barrel Bar, which has been open for about two weeks now, saw a need for live music and opened up a bar to fill the gap.

Monkey Barrel Bar insideLocated in the old Salvangetti Bike Workshop right next to the pedestrian bridges that connect LoHi and Riverfront Park it looks like a traditional music hotspot.

We love live music and are so excited to see Monkey Barrel Bar open with this focus.  Our friends who lived in Chicago or New York know how great it can be to have a favorite spot to catch a live show, relax with friends and enjoy tunes and brews, or just do something different for a change.

We love to support local artists and for the music scene this is a great way to do that.  When Denverites think of live music they often think of the big shows at the Pepsi Center, the Botanic Gardens, the Ball Park locations or the Colfax bars.

Those are great, but might be a bit of a walk if you live in the Central Platte Valley.  So go check it out and share your thoughts.  Here is the November lineup for their first full month of being open and we have photo showing you what things are like inside.

Monkey Barrel Bar November Lineup

Friday November 15th: Six Foot Joe & the Red Hot Rhinos @8pm
Saturday November 16th: Kenny Young @9pm
Friday November 22nd: Marty Nightingale 8pm
Saturday November 23rd: Sons of Brixton w/ TBD @9pm
Friday November 29th: Luke & Levi’s Whiskey Inspired Music @8
Saturday November 30th: Chris Koltak @9pm  

Visit Monkey Barrel Bar on Facebook here

What neighborhood should get to claim Monkey Barrel… LoHi or Riverfront Park?

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