La Biblioteca Tequila Bar replaces Al Lado in Riverfront Park

La Biblioteca in Denver

Here is the sign on the door we noticed this morning!

Richard Sandoval has apparently pulled the trigger to shut down Riverfront Park’s Al Lado  with designs on bringing a new Tequila Bar to this hot spot on the Plaza.  Al Lado was great for a nice relaxing evening sipping wines and enjoying tapas style appetizers.  But what made it so cozy, the fact that it was almost never crowded, was also most likely it’s demise.

Now for the good news!

So the Richard Sandoval crew is bringing to Denver their proven Tequila bar concept La Biblioteca that has received rave reviews in New York City.  That New York location offers tequila tastings, great bites, and even tequila lockers so you can buy that incredible bottle and keep it at the ready for those special occasions.

A New kind of Tequila Bar in Denver

Because as everyone knows, nothing says we REALLY plan to celebrate tonight like a few rounds of tequila shots.  But don’t think this is going to be like whatever memories you have from college.  The tequila that La Biblioteca will likely have on reserve will be the nectar of gods style tequila.   It will be a good opportunity for you to discover the difference between a silver, gold, repasado or Añejo.

There are certainly more than enough places to find and taste great tequila’s in Denver but, if we can expect the same volume of choices as the New York location, the new Riverfront Park La Biblioteca will likely take the number one slot for Tequila lovers.

There was brown paper covering the windows and doors of the old Al Lado spot when we walked by this morning and workers seem to be rapidly making use of power tools on the space.  To stay updated on their opening timetable make sure to follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DenverLaBiblioteca.

Here is the blurb from the New York Location to give you an idea of what you should expect:

“The catalogue at La Biblioteca features 400 bottles, the works of famed haciendas, small batch distillers and artisanal producers. Blue agave-based spirits from Tequila are listed alongside mezcals and sotols from Oaxaca, Durango and beyond.

Just as mezcaleros have done for generations, we invite you to compare and contrast the flavors and textures imparted by age, terrain and the highly guarded techniques used by Mexico’s Tequila distilling families. Salud!”


So here’s a shot glass toast to tasting the best of this infamous spirit!

Our question for you… what is the best tequila story you have?

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