Dunkin Donuts Opens FIRST Denver Location today on Broadway

Dunkin Donuts Denver

It’s official Denver, Dunkin Donuts has FINALLY opened their first Denver location. This morning at 5 am the doors of a new Dunkin Donuts Broadway Location at 366 Broadway. The lines stretched out the door and outside into the parking lot while cars lined up down Broadway to take part in this Grand Opening Event.

Who else came out for the biggest opening in the world of coffee and donuts for Denver… why none other than the mascots of the various Denver sports teams.

Being the first to visit Denver’s newest Dunkin Donuts has it’s perks too.  As part of the Dunkin Donuts invasion of Denver they are offering free medium-sized hot or iced coffee (one per customer) and 99-cent medium lattes through September 29.  That’s right folks… for a limited time your Dunkin Donuts Coffee is FREE.  The last day for your free coffee just  happens to be National Coffee Day.  For those who went at 5 am the first 100 guests to visit received $10 Dunkin’ Donuts cards.

5 am is just a little too early for us… but here is what the lines looked like at 8 am.  Yep, I think Dunkin is going to be popular here in Denver.

Dunkin Donuts opening Denver

Denver is booming folks, and this is not the only Dunkin Donuts coming to Denver.  Dunkin Donuts opened a new location at the Airport today too and Denver mayor Michael Hancock will be the first customer at that store.  Their ribbon cutting ceremony will take place 15 minutes after the opening at Broadway.

What happens next… the third Denver Dunkin Donuts will be opening up near Sloan’s Lake in the Jefferson Park neighborhood (and pretty much the edge of Lohi).  If you live in this Northwest Denver area of town your opening is just around the corner.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the growth and expansion of our great city, it is clear everyone else is. From a new Trader Joes to Dunkin Donuts to whatever goes into Union Station… we have nothing but stories about growth.

Living Downtown is simply amazing.  We have light rail, public parks, restaurants, bistros, B-Cycle and now DUNKIN DONUTS.

Enjoy your coffee Denver!  To learn more about why all of us at DenverUrban.com LOVE our city contact me today at john@denverurban.net.

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