Park to Table Dinners at Skyline Park

Looking for something to do on a Friday evening in downtown Denver?  I highly recommend the Skyline Market at Skyline Park between 15th and 16th Streets on Arapahoe.  Each Friday evening during the summer, Skyline Park hosts numerous vendors, food, and entertainment.  Between 11 AM and 7 PM, you can check out artisanal vendors, try different foods, and taste beers and wines.

We had the opportunity to have dinner there as part of the “Park to Table” event.  This is a highlight for sure.  Each Friday night, the “Park to Table” dinner hosts a visiting Denver chef who prepares a 3-course meal with different wine or beer pairings.  Happy hour begins at 6 PM and the dinner at 7 PM.  The service, ambience, live music, and fellow dinner-goers (limited to 10 total people) made for a great time.  Oh, and the dinner was amazing!  We can’t wait to do it again!

“Park to Table” will continue its Friday night dinners through 30 August so you only have a few more chances to participate.  Here’s who you can expect to be the chef for the next three weeks:

16: Ryan DiFranco, DiFrancos
23: Brian Laird, Sarto’s
30: Ian Kleinman, the Inventing Room
If you want to sign-up, here’s the website:


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