Our Favorite Denver Coffeehouses: Day 2


The next location to steal our hearts is in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. The seemingly, always bustling Crema Coffee House boasts some very delicious brews ranging from Boxcar to Victrola. We often find ourselves enjoying their freshly made, in-house, baked goods that are truly mouth-watering. Or for more savory options, their menu has everything from breakfast burritos, to quiche, quinoa salad and hearty sandwiches. But the coffee…oh, yes. Back to the coffee. Here is a blurb from their website describing the art behind the bar: “Crema is the lovely layer of thickly effervescent foam that defines well-crafted espresso, an emulsion of the essential oils contained in the coffee. This presence of a thick layer of richly aromatic, reddish brown crema indicates that all culinary factors were met satisfactorily during the preparation of the shot. Espresso is all in the nose. The aroma of espresso lives in the crema so swirl it around. Get your nose right down in there. Inhale deeply.” I think you get the picture. You’ve got to give this place a shot…no pun intended.

By the way, this place was also listed as a Reader’s Choice Top of the Town pick by 5280 Magazine!

Here’s the link to Crema’s site:


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