Our Favorite Denver Coffeehouses!

It’s hard to believe now, but when we first moved to Denver, we found ourselves at Starbucks just like the majority of coffee drinkers do. Little did we know how quickly we would become self-proclaimed “coffee snobs.”  I will admit that we still find ourselves in the Starbucks drive-thru from time to time. The difference is, now, we have our home-brewed, French press, Intelligentsia coffee in hand as we, chuckling, order 2 breakfast sandwiches and politely decline their multiple offers for something to drink. Previously, our less-than accurate idea of a good cup of coffee was made with 1% milk, full of sugar, with 3 pumps of this and 4 pumps of that, and topped with whip cream. Thank you, Denver, for introducing us to delicious beans, whole milk foam, local shops and the art that is coffee.

It’d be a shame to not share our favorite coffeehouses with you.  That’s why we’ll feature our top 5 favorite each day this week – maybe you’ll agree with our opinion, maybe you won’t.  But, one thing is for sure:  you won’t be able to deny that these coffeehouses are passionate about their craft.  Read, sip, and enjoy!


The first place that forever changed our coffee-drinking lives was Aviano Coffee. Conveniently nestled in the heart of Cherry Creek North, they proudly serve Intelligentsia coffee. Denver Westword Best of 2011 assures you that you can’t go wrong: “The beans alone get Aviano a lot of the way to a great cup of coffee, but owner Doug Naiman also trained with the obsessive staff of Intelligentsia, who will throw out any latte or cappuccino that doesn’t have art. Because art, it turns out, is a reflection of how well the foam is made.” Our favorites include the cortado, the agave latte (ask for the Angelino), iced or hot, and the simple, yet brilliant pour-over bar. Having recently moved to a new storefront that is currently under construction, you may have to wait a few more weeks to try out their delicious brews. But based on their Facebook posts and photos of the remodel, it will surely be worth the wait. Make sure to follow their updates and swing by to enjoy their always delicious creations along with the newly fabulous location.

Here’s the link to Aviano’s site:

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