Downtown Denver Development: A Quick Snapshot

Anybody who’s been in Denver over the past few years knows that the city has been experiencing an incredible time of urban revitalization and both commercial and residential development.  Recently, the Downtown Denver Partnership (DowntownDenver.com) published a report highlighting all developments in the downtown Denver area.  Titled the “Downtown Denver Development Map”, it’s a quick snapshot of what’s been happening since 2007 in terms of completed and under construction projects.  I found the information extremely helpful in summarizing the entire construction buzz in downtown Denver.  Maybe you will too.

 A few trends we noticed:

1.  42% of the projects were residential developments with the majority of them being in the Riverfront and Ballpark neighborhoods.  This should come as no surprise since these two areas offer some of the best of what Denver has to offer in terms of highway and trail accessibility, activities, and dining options.

2.  Although only four “Entertainment and Culture” projects were completed during this time, those four complexes were massive undertakings that had significant impact on enhancing Denver’s image as the cultural core of the West. These included the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Clyfford Still Museum.

3.  15% of the projects were categorized as “Transportation and Public Realm”, the largest of these being the Union Station Infrastructure Redevelopment Project.  Once completed, this project will be a game-changer for the LoDo district as it will create a multimodal transportation hub and bustling urban center. Check out the progress and plans at www.DenverUnionStation.org.

4. Although the number of new developments dipped between 2009 and 2012, 20 new developments are in the works as of March 2013.  That’s double the total number in 2012!


So what does all of this mean?  It means public and private investment is happening in Denver.  That’s a beautiful thing!  With these investments will come positive residual effects – a more beautiful and robust city, diverse employment opportunities, happier and healthier residents,….the list goes on.  We at the Denver Urban team can’t wait to be a part of what’s next in our great city!

Here’s the link to the Downtown Denver Development Map:


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