Sassafras American Eatery, LoHi’s Breakfast Destination

sassafras American Eatery

Everyone told us we had to try Sassafras. They raved about the breakfast… from the delicious Chicken Fried Eggs to the Duck Fat Sausage Gravy and Biscuits.

When it comes to breakfast you don’t need to twist our arm. We put it on the list and finally got a chance to check it out.

Sassafras American Eatery is located on the edge of LoHi in what might be more appropriately classified as Jefferson Park. It is just down the street from the Safeway on Federal and 26th in the Historic William J. Dunwoody House dating back to 1889.

The house is beautiful with warmth blanketing you when you walk in the door. Hardwood floors, rustic tables, and plenty of sunny windows filled with some of the original stained glass. The smell of coffee and bacon (you know that smell, the one that makes you start drooling) fills the restaurant.

Sassafras, in my opinion, is about comfort food. They are serving up the delicious breakfast items that make remind you that people once ate breakfast without counting calories. The do have a bit of southern flair in their menu items such as their starter menu of Elvis Beignets, Biscuits and Gravies (no misspelling there) and Fried Green tomatoes.

We had a group of four so we chose the biscuits and gravies and the beignets to kick us off. Delicious, although our Beignets might have been in the oven a bit too long. We might have noticed if we hadn’t all dived on them the minute they came out.

We sampled two of the Biscuit gravies.. with the Duck Gravy being by FAR the best. Someone had the deep south benedict, another the traditional eggs and bacon… but two of us (myself included) got what I consider (and our table considered) the best breakfast item of all. And the winner is…

EGGS SARDOU (pictured above)
Roasted Garlic Grit Cake, Creamed Spinach and Artichoke, Cornmeal crusted fried Oysters, Sassafras smoked Bacon, Fresno Chili Hollandaise $12​.


So how does Sassafras add up. The food is great, the atmosphere is awesome, the coffee is rock star and the staff are super duper friendly for a perfect score.

Just be careful about going on the weekends… there can be quite the line. And with good reason.

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