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Hello Denver!

If you haven’t checked out our DenverUrban.com Website yet then you might not know about all the great features we are building into the site.   We have our own team to focus on programming, photography, video, writing and more because we wanted to create something unique (instead of the cookie cutter options out there).  For example you can monitor the Denver Neighborhoods as we all know them (LoHi, Rino, Etc.).

We are also very focused on sharing great information about sustainable living in Denver.  That means homes that are built green, or high rise developments in Denver with LEED Certification.  It means blogging about sustainable events and activities here in Denver.

One of the most sustainable elements we are concentrating on is the car optional lifestyle.   Take it from someone who drives RARELY… living car free is a treat.  Being Downtown the options with Light Rail, B-Cycle, the Shuttles, and of course the simple choice of walking or biking make living a car free lifestyle easy.

It was so important that SPIRE made it a cornerstone of their marketing campaign to sell out the building with B-Cycle and Denver light rail across the street and a car share program in the building.  Of course for their marketing the focus was on creating lower sales prices by having the purchase of a parking space optional.  Those spaces got to be expensive too, so you could really take a bite out of your mortgage payment by skipping the parking space.

As our city grows the idea of using public transportation becomes more attractive.  No parking, no traffic, no expensive fees for insurance and maintenance.  Quite frankly, if they had a ski train to the mountains I’d probably be able to forego a car altogether.

To make it easier to find Downtown Denver Condo or Downtown Denver homes near any of the many light rail stations we have built two new features into the website.

  • Our Denver Light Rail Map Page allows you to pick any of the many light rail stations and then see all the available listings around that station.  You can even see just how many feet away you are from the Denver Light Rail Station.
  • Our Denver Light Rail Friendly Page allows you to see most Light Rail Friendly (aka closest to the station) Properties for sale from all the Light Rail Stations.  Yep, our database is working hard on this one.  This might be helpful for investors as well who are focused on transit oriented development and investment.  Living close to light rail can be a HUGE contributor to property values and enjoyment.
  • Every single property in our database also shows you the closest light rail station (among many other things) so you know when you search how close or far you are from being car free.
  • Our Denver Sustainable Living Twitter Feed for news and events at @GreeninDenver.

Cheers!  Let us know how often you use the light rail and look for more sustainable news here at DenverUrban.com.  To learn more about Downtown Denver condo and Downtown Denver Loft Real Estate contact us at info@denverurban.net or 303-522-7746.

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