B-Cycle Opens for 4th Season in Denver Today

Today we see the first sign that spring is really here with the arrival of the Denver B-Cycle Red bikes throughout Denver.  These migratory bikes are returning for their 4th season with 30 new nesting areas around town.

Returning from hibernation somewhere we do not know, the arrival of these beautiful Red creatures means warmer weather and summer days are just around the corner.

Okay, we know the bikes are migratory birds… but it is a fun metaphor.

Sustainable living in Denver is something we love to share information and resources about.  We want our city to lead the green movement in responsible development and growth.  So whenever we hear new stories about advancement in Light Rail, Bike Commuting, Community Gardens and all those fun areas we want to share.

After all, our city is growing.  What is truly admirable is that our sustainable approach is keeping pace with that growth.  Sure, we can ask for there to be more but we should also live in the moment and celebrate each step when it happens.

Today that celebration is all about bike commuting.  With this years addition of 30 new B-Cycle Stations the total number of stations will be 86.  Here is the Denver B-Cycle convenient folding map you can download and print at home to show you all the stations.  Please note we will have to update this link because they seem to be missing the 30 new stations.

Last night over we had friends over to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my homemade Corned Beef (which was uber Yummy by the way) and one of our friends was celebrating the B-Cycle opening to facilitate their daily commute downtown.

The first question that came from the table was “Why don’t you just buy your own bike”.

It’s a logical question, and his response was equally logical.

He explained that he doesn’t always want to bike.  Some days it may still be chilly out and he takes the 16th Street shuttle.  Other day’s he prefers to walk, taking a longer path and thinking about the day’s schedule or events.  But often his end of the day commute is where he prefers to jump on a bike and get home as quick as possible.    That’s the short of his explanation.

Others I know love to go out on the town and have a one way home solution that doesn’t involve driving and parking as spaces become more expensive and harder to find.    Some prefer not to leave their bike chained up outside for fear of theft.  Some just love the flexibility it creates.

All those reasons sound good to us and we CHEER the return of the migratory Denver B-Cycle.    Happy Spring.

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