DJ’s Berkeley Cafe adds “Adult Beverages”

One of my favorite breakfast spots stopped being a secret long ago.   DJ’s Berkeley Cafe in the heart of Berkeley on the new Tennyson Main Street is amazing!  The food, the staff, and the ambiance make it warm and inviting with breakfast dishes that are delicious and priced right.     These guys deserve the crowds that swarm their wonderful restaurant.

Dj's Berkeley Cafe is now slinging drinks with their new liquor license

The only thing that kept the crowds from growing even larger was their lack of a liquor license for those who require a Bloody Mary or Mimosa for their weekend get togethers.

Well get ready Denver.  DJ’s Berkeley Cafe is now free to sling drinks.  As of last weekend DJ’s passed all their requirements and they are ready for the Brunch crowd to eat and drink in style.  One of my favorite DJ’s team members said the past Sunday was busy, but no one really has heard the news yet.  I stopped in today for my favorite Denver Breakfast Burrito and saw more than one Bloody Mary go out from behind the bar.

We don’t mind waiting a little bit longer for a seat to see DJ’s get the great crowds they have earned.  Go check them out.  Now just tell me what job all those Friday morning Bloody Mary drinkers have.


The Berkeley Neighborhood is amazing and one of our favorite Downtown Denver condo and Downtown Denver loft neighborhoods for it’s great walkable main street, restaurants, shops, and amenities.  Berkeley is also the home to the Tennyson Street Art Walk filling the streets with exhibits, drinks, and great energy.  We love this neighborhood.

Contact anyone at New Era Realty at  303-522-7746  or info@denverurban.net for more details today.

Cheers and stay tuned for more great Downtown Denver restaurant and lifestyle stories.

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